Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feminine Mystique

Every time I enter an unfamiliar supermarket or pharmacy in search of pads and/or tampons, I find myself standing for several minutes in front of the personal products aisles, squinting at the signs hanging overhead, trying to figure out which euphemism for pads and tampons will be in play. Feminine paper? Feminine hygiene? Top secret women's stuff?  Or is it lumped in with Incontinence?

Why can these sections not simply be labelled, "Pads and Tampons"? That would certainly be clearer than "paper" and "hygiene" which seem to have little to do with the subject at hand. I would also accept "Vaginal Accessories" which would make me giggle a little every time I had to buy some. But, baby steps.

P.S. Female readers, I don't want to hear about your Diva Cup/Moon cup/Moss plugs and how awesome they are.


  1. Seriously, why is it even called feminine paper?

    I like Vaginal Accesories. But what about the Red Mile?

  2. I got into a lot of trouble once because I used some pink floral-patterned stationery instead of Kotex.