Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who thinks of this stuff?

As I knit my first scarf (which is coming along rather well, if I may boast a little), I find myself wondering, who invented knitting? Who thought of taking two sticks and creating little knots with wool and moving the knots from stick to stick whilst creating more loops thereby creating a garment? It's MIND-BOGGLING, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm still amazed that my scarf seems to grow seemingly out of nothing.

Anyway, then this leads me to related questions, such as Who first made wool? and tangential questions, such as Who decided to add enzymes from the stomachs of calves to milk in order to make cheese? and Who first decided to eat eggs? Why would anyone eat something that came out of a chicken's nether regions? What other products of animals' nether regions did humans experiment with before sticking to eggs? How many people DIED along this path of discovery?

It's quite incredible when you really think about it. What questions do you ask yourself?


  1. I used to watch my mom knitting and think it was some sort of magic. I still kinda do.
    There's no way that looping yarn around with a pair of chopsticks should work but somehow it does.

  2. @Professor Chaos, I still think it's magic, in spite of the fact that I'm doing it. Kind of like television and can explain it all you want, it's still magic.

    @Cancrit...are you being facetious? :P