Friday, May 7, 2010

Spanx this

As a woman with a body fat percentage in the double digits (gasp!), I feel that I'm supposed to embrace Spanx like any good, self-conscious woman. However, I'm of the mindset that my clothes should make me look good, and not the other way around. A revolutionary concept, non?

Anyhow, here is a picture similar to one that appeared in the Globe and Mail today, in an article on how far feminism has not come:

Couldn't Spanx at least make an effort to find some women on whom wearing Spanx might actually make a physical difference? I highly doubt that the model shown is in need of any sausage casing to hide her non-existent fat deposits.

And now take a look at this height of stupidity:

That's right, pregnant women! Your fat should be distributed just so! Be ashamed no more! Look like the perfect, holy vessel of miracles that you are. Encase yourself and your baby in a thin layer of spandex! (Good luck peeing.)


  1. I came across an ad for a man girdle in a 1950's era magazine I bought recently. It was quite amusing.

  2. Was this Judith Timson's column? It was bizarre... she was obviously torn between making a point about unreasonable body standards and another point about feeling fat because she hadn't measured up to those standards. This is the kind of bad writing that comes of criticizing ideals that you have totally internalized. Silly Timson.

    Anyway, I will admit to having some shaper shorts, primarily because they let me ride my bike in a skirt without danger of indecent exposure, and (TMI alert?) because they prevent chafing. I've also realized that I like the appearance of being a bit smoother under particular fabrics.

    I don't know why one would wear such a thing to look a size smaller (as Timson suggests)... it's my experience that they do little for size/shape, and are best if you want to smooth over a lumpy bit here and there for a better drape or line.

  3. @Dr Monkey- man girdles are back! And increasing in popularity too, from what I've read.

    @Cancrit- I have nothing against such products- I too dislike THE CHAFE, and a nice slip certainly makes wearing a dress a better experience. But, as you say, wearing these garments to actually reduce size is ridiculous (not to mention, uncomfortable.) If you cannot fit into your clothes without the aid of Spanx, maybe it's time to, oh, I dunno, buy clothes that fit. I maintain that the maternity Spanx is ridiculous.

  4. LOVE your satirical wit about pregnant women feeling shamed into "distributing their fat just so"! And how completely impractical it is/really? you want me to be worried about this too? Spot on!

  5. Thanks JDOM! Also, thanks for reminding me that it's been TWO years since I posted! Now I've been inspired to start again!